Family Photography

Our home is our haven, here dwells rest, security and happiness. Whatever befalls the world outside, here faith, love and hope abide.”


Over the past 3 months we have all been at home in lockdown. Our home was our protection from the outside world. The four walls around us suddenly became our shield and safe place. This was the reason behind the doorstep portraits.

This has been so true for this wonderful family. I have known Rachael for a few years now, she is beautiful and so full of life. Rachael has been shielding because she has been diagnosed with Behcets Disease. You may be wondering what is that? I have never heard of it. That’s because it’s a rare disease and only 1000 in the UK have it. 


Rachael is very vocal about raising awareness and on her instagram. She says “it takes a long long time for many people to get a diagnosis and there can be so many frustrating barriers along the way, even after you’ve had the diagnosis. It is not a straightforward disease. It is complex and confusing. Anywhere blood flows, Behcets goes, which makes it incredibly difficult to treat.”

Rachael says “its a scary time at the moment and being home all the time is not easy. Knowing that I’m relying on others to be responsible and reliable in their actions is not easy. The actions of other people will dictate how long I’ll be home for and that is not easy to process. I want to scream sometimes ‘Dont mess this up! My ability to leave my front door depends on what you do!’ This disease puts me in that position, which isn’t easy to accept. There are thousands of us in this position, I am not alone.” 

Rachael is right, she is not alone and I am sure many people feel vulnerable at this time. Like many others she has two lively children at home full time as well.

I was really honoured to take these doorstep portraits for her family. We really did have so much fun. Luckily they have a field of long grass just outside their house that we had fun playing in. We did an early evening shoot at 5pm and the weather was lovely and cloudy!

That why I love doing doorstep sessions, because it represents a time when we relied on close family and our home to keep us safe. It will always be a reminder of the things we learnt during lockdown. 

If you are interested in have some beautiful doorstep photos, simply fill in my contact form and I’ll get back to you. 

Take care and stay save 

Kate xx




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