What to wear in the bluebells?

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What to wear in the bluebells?

Choosing what outfits you should should wear for a photoshoot in the bluebells can be stressful, but if you stick to these general colour guides it will help you to achieve the look you will love. What you choose to wear and the colours you pick really does set the look and style of your images. As the flowers are mainly blue/purple the key is to pick colours that compliment each other. Below is a colour palette contains colours that work well in the blue bells.

colour pallet

What colours work the best?

Colours that WORK WELL in the bluebells are light pastel. Such as pastel pink, purple, blue, green, cream, white and yellow. 

Colours to AVOID are reds, black, big logos, characters and very busy patterns. 

family sitting in the bluebells
children in the bluebells

Follow these steps on how to style your family on what to wear in the bluebells.


STEP 1: Decided on one main colour that you love from the colour pallet above



STEP 2: Pull out each member of the family something different in that colour or similar shade – ie a top, shoes, socks, a scarf, a cardigan, a hat. Accessories work really well by picking out the colour in a scarf or neckless. 


STEP 3: Layout the outfits on the floor to see if they match and how they all work together. 


STEP 4: Take a picture and send it over to me to have a look. It always helps to have another set of eyes. 





Below is an example of how sending me your images will improve your final choice of outfits. 

The first image was a good starting point with lovely pastel colours. However there were too many colours included. After a chat I suggested that the girls should wear more pretty dresses and they should pull the pastel blue/denim colour into the majority of outfits. The difference was amazing! 

REMEMBER Stay away from strong patterns like strips or spots and colours such as reds, black. Try to find clothes that are plain with no large logos or Disney characters!

If you get chance make sure children try on any outfits and they are comfortable.


Finally Mummy don’t forget your self -pick something that you feel comfortable in but also something you feel gorgeous in!

For more inspirations feel free to check out my board on PINTEREST or you can check out my gallery of bluebell by clicking HERE.





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