Can I bring my older children to the newborn photoshoot?

Newborn Session

Can I bring my older children to the newborn photoshoot?


Can I bring my older children to the newborn photoshoot? The answer is of course….YES.  If you are on baby 2,3, 4 or more then you are welcome to bring them along to the newborn shoot. Introducing the newest member of the family to the older sibling/siblings is always such a special time. This is why I will always encourage bringing all the children to have photographs. The joy of seeing all your children in one picture is absolutely priceless and will make your heart explode with love! Keep on reading to find out how to make sure the session is stress free for everybody.

How do you involved siblings with a newborn baby?


Firstly I don’t advise that the older children stay for the whole session. In my experience they get bored waiting around which can then lead to you feeling stressed out. My suggestions would be for them to come for the first hour of the photoshoot. Once their pictures are done either they can be picked up by family who can help out or maybe dad can take them to the park across the road. This makes sure that we can then focus on your newborn baby without us being distracted.

I always aim to get sibling and family pictures done first. This means the kids are fresh and normally willing to listen. There are 2-3 set-up that are easy for kids to achieve as holding their newborn baby can sometimes be difficult. I never force any child to do anything and the session is always very child led. I use questions like “can you count your sisters fingers?” or “can you give you brother a gentle kiss on the head?” By using questions I am able to get them to have pictures without even realising it.

Not every child feels comfortable or wants to hold their new sibling and that is totally fine. In this case I would use a parent to hold the baby and encourage the sibling to stand by mum or dad. It is always appreciated when mum or dad comes over to help pose the older sibling and sometimes offer rewards for good listening.

What happens if my toddler won’t stay still for pictures?


I have been lucky to work with some of the best little people!  I would say the most challenging age is between 18 months ranging to 3 years old. At this age they understandably want to be constantly moving about and playing, so it can be a challenge to ‘pose them.’ Also if the sibling is very heavy handed with the baby this can also be a safety problem. I would then create a composite image which basically means two pictures merged together to make one picture. This would be a last case scenario but it can be done.


What should I bring to the newborn photoshoot for the older children?


  • Bring plenty of snacks/drinks or lunch -Newborn sessions can be long and boring for little ones but having some food always helps break up the time.
  • Entertainment -You are more than welcome to bring toys, colouring and iPads. If the weather is nice I do have a climbing frame and slide in the garden they can play on with adult supervision. There is also a little park just opposite my house you are more than welcome to send them while they wait.
  • Treats/rewards -Don’t hold back on those treats as children will do anything for a some sweets!


What clothes should I dress them in for the photoshoot?

My general rule is NO big logos or Disney characters. My suggestion would be for boys to wear a plain t-shirt and jeans or smart trousers and girls to wear a pretty dress. This can be plain or have sparkle! Check out these adorable sibling shots taken at their photoshoot.

Thank you to all the wonderful siblings that I have had the pleasure of photographing!! 


If you want to find out what to expect at a newborn session I have written a helpful BLOG that will answer all your questions, click HERE to read.

For full details of what is included in my NEWBORN PACKAGES please click HERE.

If you want to see what incredible WALL ART that I have available feel free to click HERE.

I really look forward to meeting you and your new baby soon. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via text, email or on social media. Hopefully you feel more confident about what to expect when you bring your children for a photoshoot with me.


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