Broken garage into a beautiful photography studio!


I established Kate Davey Photography in 2015 and I never imagined that five years down the road I would have my own photography studio! To start off I only had a DSLR Canon camera and a clothes rail which I hung backdrops from. Fast forward 5 years and I have a purpose designed space to accommodate my clients and to store all my props and backdrops.

Before having the luxury of my own photography studio I would set up in our lounge. This meant clearing all the kids toys and carrying my equipment down two flights of stairs. As a result it took at least 2 hours before the session to set up and clean the house. This was totally impractical and hard work!  

After doing that for many years, in 2018 we had our second child and I could not image clearing up any more toys! I had a decision to make, either I would only offer outdoor photoshoots or we convert the garage into a photography studio. When considering the idea of converting our garage, it felt like a pipe-dream! Could we afford it? Did we have the time to make it happen?

The garage before…..cluttered, messy and a dumping ground

Thankfully, the right time came and we were able to plan the work with a carpenter who is our close friend. We arranged for the work to take place over four weeks. Fortunately it happened without any hitches and managing it ourselves meant we came well under budget. 

Do you ever find that when you take the leap of faith and make a decision that may seem scary at the time, everything falls into place to make the road straight?

Progress made in the photography studio…insulated, boarded, plastered & painted

The benefits to having a space dedicated to my work has been tremendous. No set up required and being able to create an environment that makes my clients feel comfortable and at ease. In addition, one of the most exciting things about having the studio is I can hold viewing sessions where clients can come back and view their images on the big screen. Rather than viewing your stunning images on a small mobile screen, you can now have a truly magical experience.

My photography studio now…..classy and comfortable

In October 2019 my first clients brought their newborn baby to my photography studio in Caerphilly. It really was a dream come true. However I realise that not everybody is as fortunate to have a broken down garage in their back garden just waiting to be transformed, but we all have dreams which can become reality with a little faith!

Items in the photography studio:

The sofa was from Next

Stylish pink chair from Homesence

Heart rug, grey blinds, storage boxes from Dunelm

Cube storage from IKEA, Wooden storage from B&Q

White laminate flooring fitted and supplied by DCIInstallation

Windows and doors supplied and fitted by Clear Choice Windows




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